What’s New

September 2007
Windswept Winery Wins the Silver medal at the Kansas State Fair People’s Choice Awards.
A great big Thank You! to the people of Kansas, thanks for your support, and drop by the winery to try this all-Kansas Gem of a wine!

Windswept Wines to be featured at the Cowley County Humane Society fund raiser. March 31, 2007

Sounded purr-fect to us! We are sending a couple of our cuddly wines to help make the fund raiser a success.
Thanks, Teresa, for thinking of us!


Wow! Windswept Winery Expands Again….
Windswept is adding a new large kitchen building. The expansion is to be complete March 31, 2007.
In order to accommodate the events, weddings, parties, and tours Windswept is adding a seperate building to house a larger kitchen area.

A great big Thank-you to our loyal customers for making this possible.


Expansion!!!! Yes, Windswept Winery is expanding already!
The conference room is nearing completion, and Windswept is beginning it’s Pergola and Patio work. These will be a lovely locales for a Windswept Picnic, with your favorite bottle of wine, and a perfect place for your outdoor wedding. Schedule your date now, they are filling up fast!

KGGWA Grape Vine Pruning Seminar
A Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Pruning Seminar hosted by Windwept Winery

In November, Windswept Winery hosted an all-day Grape Pruning Seminar, in conjunction with Kansas State University’s Dr. Sorkel Kadir, and the Wichita Master Gardeners were also invited. Nearly 25 brave souls ventured into the vineyards to learn hands-on pruning, had a great big lunch, and mastered the ‘balanced pruning techniques. A great big “Thank you” to Dr. Kadir!


GUY BOWER and KNSS Radio AM 1330 Hosted Windswept Winery, Saturday Nov 12, for an hour-long discussion on Windswept Wines. We discussed the wines, We tasted the wines! Thank you, Guy!!!! Cheers!


The Rotary Club District Meeting was in Winfield, Kansas in Late October, and featured Windswept Winery as a tourist destination. Thanks to the Rotary Clubs!


GARDENAIRES Visit Windswept Winery
The Gardenaires visited Windswept in October, what a fun time, THANK YOU!


The KBI Forensic Science Conference met in Wichita in October, and a group from the conference spent a couple of hours at Windswept Winery, touring the vineyards, the winery and tasting the wines. What a wonderful experience, and what a great bunch of folks….One of the participants was from the Bahamas, and took the first bottle of Windswept Wine International, which is exciting, Thank you!

October 4, 2005
West Wichita Rotary Club Hosts Randy Storey of Windswept Winery.
The Rolling Hills Country Club in West Wichita was the site of the Rotary Club meeting at noon on October 4th. Randy Storey of Windswept Winery was the speaker and presented the wines.
Approximately 50 people were invited and a wonderful time was had by all.

Thank YOU! to the Rotarians for inviting Windswept Winery to be a part of your year!!!


September 10
Windswept Winery went to the ZOOBILEE to benefit the Sedgwick County Zoo!
The Zoo had it’s annual Zoobilee September 10, and Windswept Winery was there, pouring tastes of the 2004 vintage. It was a HOWLING good time, and special thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth and enjoyed the wine. We are looking forward to next year already!


August 6, 2005

Windswept Winery BROWN BAG Luncheon at the
Cherokee Strip Landrush Museum
The Windswept Winery presented a Brown Bag Luncheon at the Cherokee Strip Museum, to a very attentive crowd and it was a pleasure and a learning experience. Rebecca Storey presented information on the grape and wine industry and it’s introduction to Kansas and the impact on Cowley County.

A Very Special Thanks to the Museum, and to Ashley and Heather for coordinating this event and for allowing the Winery to make use of the Land Rush photos to celebrate the effect of the land here in Cowley County on the taste of the grapes grown here! Thank you SO much!!

RED HAT LADIES visit Windswept Winery
A group of red hat ladies visited Windswept Winery and took the Gift Shop over for an hour….WOW, maybe I can work my way up to having that much energy!
Thanks!!!!! Ladies, come back soon!


June 26, 2005
The Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers visited Windswept Winery on June 26th. We spent an afternoon discussing how to start your own farm Winery. More than 20 people attended. A Tour of the Winery Operation, a “walk about” in the Vineyards, and then the Wine Tasting began! A Great time was had by all, and Thanks to everyone who traveled from far and wide across Kansas to join us!

Come and see what everyone is talking about!

What’s New At Windswept Winery :

We opened for business in May, 2005. A big THANK YOU! to all of our wonderful guests to date…People from Washington State, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, California, and many others have already come to see what we are doing! Come see for yourself! .

Our Conference Room is under construction.