The Storey Vineyards

Storey Vineyards incorporates the finest practices and the most current technology in growing grapes here in Kansas, and has 5 1/2 acres of premium quality French Hybrids.  These grapes are lovingly tended by hand, in a high-touch growing approach that maximizes the quality of the fruit.  Then the grapes are carefully hand picked to assure the utmost quality goes into the bottle.  Windswept Winery is committed to fine quality wines, through the finest quality grapes.

The Vineyards were planted in 1999.  The Storeys have grown grapes at this location since 1994, and Randy Storey is the fifth generation in his family to work the land where the vineyard is planted.

Tours are available of the Vineyards and the Winery, and the vines are accessible for your enjoyment.

The peace and atmosphere of a vineyard is hard to explain and easy to enjoy, come and join us, maybe you will spot one of ouralmost-famous resident bluebirds.

Additionally, there is an acre and a half of thornless blackberries that are both converted into our wines, and sold fresh (during the season) and frozen.